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Who are we?

Launmark India P ltd was established in 2008 as a small scale industry manufacturing 10 kg washing machines. After seven years of research, development and expansion, Launmark has evolved as one of the most established and reputed brand in commercial laundry and dry cleaning machines in India

Our satisfied customers ranges from small laundry operators to large garment manufacturing houses.

Our core values are timely delivery, quality machinery and prompt after sales support.

In addition to the group concerns we have - CIDLT, a laundry & dry cleaning training center, CRISTAL, low cost laundry & dry cleaning machine manufacturer, Launmark is committed to adding more product ranges and supporting network as part of our diversification plans

Our Products

  • washer-extractors (8-317 kg)
  • Stack Washer Dryer (8-22 kg)
  • washing machine top load (10-500 kg)
  • washing machine front load(10-500 kg)
  • Hydro Extractor (10-300 kg)
  • Tumble dryers(10-500 kg)
  • Dry Cleaning Machine (MT0)10 kg -25 kg
  • Dry Cleaning Machine PERC (6-22 kg)
  • Calendaring Machine (1 Mtr -3.3 Mtr)
  • Vacuum Finishing Table
  • Portable Boiler
  • Utility Press
  • Flat Bed Press
  • Form Finisher
  • Trousser Finisher
  • Dyeing Machine
  • Spotting Machine
  • Sari Polishing Machine
  • material handling systems
  • laundry computer networks
  • Sanitary Napkin Destroyer
  • Paper Plate and Cup Machinery
  • Paper Bag Machinery
  • and many more..


Launmark machines are available thorough a strong network of dealers who will support you with sales and prompt after sales support. When you invest in a Launmark product, we make sure that you are getting a brand with a backing and true value for your money.

Our Customers

True value comes from quality, and when you invest in a LAUNMARK, you're getting a brand with backing. Working side by side, we put every available resource at your fingertips to ensure you have what you need to provide the very best to your customers.